Just incase people are wondering, donating does not get you any preferential treatment or special items that will unbalance the game in any way.

Donations for £30 ($50, E35) can get you any non-staff picture from the game graphics folder (1000.jpg and above).
Donations for £50 ($80, E60) can get you a coloured clan name or midi music file for your entire clan house.
Donations for £100 ($160, E120) can get you a unique picture from the graphics folder that no-one would be able to use too.
Donations for £100 ($160, E120) can get you any item in game renamed to something else, with a new pic and new description.

Nightmist is entirely funded by JLH and costs about £800 every year for internet+power with hardware upgrades on top of that as needed.

How to donate

Paying by Paypal is the best option, because anyone with a credit card can do it (you don't need an account), and it is instant and you can do that by clicking the picture below.

Donations can be anonymous, or you can have your own message similar to the below with your name (or whatever), if you want this then say so in the letter (if mailing) or in the comments field on paypal. A staff comment on your character is also allowed (mention the crit name too).