About us

"Nightmist was originally created by Simon Crowder 'Pandilex' as a tabletop RPG (like AD&D). After fiddling with VB, JLH and I decided to write it as a MuD. The first clients were very basic, and I can still remember the hilarity of getting killed several times."

The first playable version was released in September 2000 after a lot of hard work by JLH and Pandilex in creating it over the prior summer holiday

Game Creators & Designers: Jonathan Leighton-Hoggett (JLH) & Simon Crowder (Pandilex)

Game Staff (many over the years in no particular order):
JediRWS, Isyng, Krillick, Myst, Hrun, MetricTon, Solitaire, Xlibre, Savino, Havanor, Arbitrary, Tecton, Sarianna, Zenith, Kharybdis, Omega, Garrick, Ariakas, Strife, Psyche, Frostdragon, Medora, Zephie, Saphyne, Wodan, Pengant, Aidon, Valeska, Cyric, Halor, Angel, Tienno, Elf, Azure, Crane, Oracle, Stotic, Trevayne, Laca, Derlok, Eros, Scripto, Stadius

Assistant Helpers: Mr. Coffee
Server Spec: used to be a PC at JLH's house, now a Poweredge 860 server hosted by MrGigabit Internet Services
Server/Client Written in Visual Basic 6
Server is currently 17,000 lines of code
Rabbits courtesy of Pandilex
Fantasy gaming has never been so much fun!
If you have comments, suggestions or queries, feel free post them on the Nightmist forums.
Thanks for playing!