Mountain Fenowasty

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Location on World Map
Sentant Range Mountain Fenowasty 1-alt Server:
Jahanna Desert
Rose Garden

General Information


South past the southern gate of Resthaven is to a rocky and mountainous terrain harboring dangerous predators.

At its southern edge is a cliff that drops down to the Fertile Valley. There are two access points to the Fertile Valley and they require a Climbing Gear to safely descend from the cliff edge. The Fertile Valley snakes westward to the Ancient Ridge; there are two access points from the Fertile Valley which also require a Climbing Gear to ascend onto the Ancient Ridge.

The Ancient Ridge is generally to the west of Resthaven, stretching southwards to reach the Lush Gorge of the Jahanna Desert. The Bridge of Tumba Kilya connects the Sentant Range with Mountain Fenowasty, its southeastern end is anchored at the west side of the southern part of the Ancient Ridge; the bridge itself is slanted from southeast to northwest.

When keeping an easterly bearing from the southern gate of Resthaven through an Eroded Crevasse and also possessing a Climbing Gear, one can begin climbing up a mountainside onto a path; on the multi-alt server, the path is the Snowy Mountain Path'; on the 1-alt server, the path is instead the Merchant's Pass. Following the Merchant's Pass leads eventually to descend into Elmshire where the path continues as Merchant's Trail. The Merchant's Pass allows travel between Resthaven and Blackthorn or Dendeya albeit a more treacherous journey.

Points of Interest

Areas / Dungeon Guilds OTher

Both Servers:

1-alt Server:

  • Level 31:
    • Tranquil Garden

Both Servers:

  • Abandoned Cabin
  • Great Eyrie

Areas / Dungeon

Often the reason why the predators of this area become hugely numerous, the Rose Garden sits past a forgotten mountain path. Roses are needed to gain access into the building, these can be acquired by slaying a Cinder Beast which spawns in two location in the southern region of the mountainous terrain. To reach the Rose Garden, head straight south from the southern gate of Resthaven. Keep a southward bearing and when faced with a choice of going either west or east, pick either and keep going southwards because these two paths bend around and meet again then turns south once more. From this point where the two paths meet and turn south is a straight path southwards to the southernmost part of the mountainous area. On the third east going south from that point, straight eastward, is the hidden path leading to a forgotten mountain trail which arrives at a building that is the Rose Garden.


On the 1-alt server, characters who are level 31 can find their guild to advance to level 32 in this area. From the southern gate of Resthaven, run straight southward and keep a southward bearing to the southernmost part of the area, past the path going east to a forgotten mountain path towards the Rose Garden. Go west and then take the first north, this path leads to two dead ends. Find the western dead end and use a Climbing Gear to safely scale down into the Tranquil Garden.


The Abandoned Cabin has been left to stand for some century or two, on the Snowy Mountain Path. To find this cabin, go eastward through the Eroded Crevasse and up the mountain by using a Climbing Gear onto a path. Hike the mountain path and the path splits north and east. Take the northern path which leads to the Abandoned Cabin. Its door opens only to those who bear the Wooden Key.

The Great Eyrie is located at the northern part of the Ancient Ridge. At its northernmost edge, a path leads southward past three Wolves which are kill-to-pass. This path leads to the Great Eyrie.


Both Servers 1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses

Rocky Mountain Path:

Rocky Mountain Path and Fertile Valley:

Ancient Ridge:

Ancient Ridge and Snowy Mountain Path:

Ancient Ridge and Fertile Valley:

Multi-alt Server:


A Mana Pond is located at the Great Eyrie accompanied by two Great Eagles.

The Mourner is found on the path of the Eroded Crevasse.


Mountain Fenowasty is home to various types of creatures. Some creatures live all over the mountain, some prefer a specific region, biome or location.

Asps, Clay Golems, and Griffins are ubiquitous in this area. Clay Golems are the rarer of the three, the remaining two are common.

Two Cinder Beasts are found on the Rocky Mountain Path, they appear to have wandered westward some distance from the Rose Garden.

Colossal Ants prefer to dwell on the Rocky Mountain Path and in the Fertile Valley.

Ettins, Granite Beasts, Great Eagles, and Mountain Trolls dwell on the Ancient Ridge. The Great Eagles are fond only at the Great Eyrie.

Mountain Goat are also found on the Ancient Ridge but they can be found on the Snowy Mountain Path as well as, on the 1-alt server, the Merchant's Pass.

Wolves dwell on the Ancient Ridge and some in the Fertile Valley though they appear to prefer the Ancient Ridge.


There are two bosses in the area that exist only on the multi-alt server.

Genevieve is located in a hideout which can be reached only by casting a Vortex Gate at a mountain clearing situated along the north side of the Eroded Crevasse. Only three Mages who are level 31 and higher are able to fight her at one time.

The Red Dragon resides in its lair within a small cavern located near the center of the southern part of th mountainous area. To find the cave, follow a southward bearing from the southern gate of Resthaven to the southernmost part of the area past the path that leads east to the Rose Garden. Turn west and then take the first north, this path leads to a western dead end and the aforementioned cave. The cave is protected by a barrier only Fighters may pass through and the cave is also big enough for four Fighters of level 31 or higher to enter the lair of the ferocious dragon.


A Rope Bridge which would also connect Sentant Range with Mountain Fenowasty has been heavily damaged by storms and will collapse under the weight of anyone who attempts to use it to cross the gorge resulting in death.

There are some locations which the adventurer will find themselves tumbling off the side of the Ancient Ridge and onto a lower level possibly sustaining moderate injuries; when falling eastward the fall leads to Fertile Valley; when falling southwards the fall leads to a lower part of the Ancient Ridge.

Three Wolves guard the Great Eyrie and are kill-to-pass which can be dangerous for a sole adventurer.


Item Location
Tattered Journal Examine inside the Abandoned Cabin.

Fertile Valley


There is nothing else to note about this area.