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Location on World Map
Entangled Overgrowth
Royal Forest Harabec 1-alt Server
The Ancients
1-alt Server
Harabec Dungeon
Abandoned Tomb
Multi-alt Server
Royal Tomb

General Information

Harabec castle.jpg

When Harabec was first opened it entailed a quest in which the server devided into armies, the Harabec army and the Arilin army. As the Arilin citizens refused to pay their taxes the Harabec castle waged war against Arilin in which Arilin was beaten down and put back under reign of Harabec. Until recently only people born in Harabec were allowed to travel through all gatehouses on the outside boarders of the city, though recently the gatehouse has officially been opened to people of all cities.
From the Royal Forest and entering Harabec through the Western Gate also enters the western end of Stellen Street. This street runs straight east and at its eastern end runs northwards Fin Street. The first street that intersects with Stellen from the Western Gate is Baden Street which goes north and south. Between Baden and Fin Street is Main Street, intersecting with Stellen, which runs north to the Northern Gate and south to the Harabec Castle.
At the north of the northern end of Baden Street begins Cedar Street. Cedar goes eastward, intersects with Main, and then ends immediately north of the northern end of Fin Street.
On the east side of Fin Street, near Cedar, begins another street called Cobble Street which runs straight east to the Eastern Gate.
The area to the north of the Northern Gate is the Entangled Overgrowth open only to levels 24 or higher.
On the multi-alt server, the Eastern Gate is closed but on the 1-alt server the gate is open and leads to a long stone bridge across the Great River to the badlands. The area is open only to characters of level 24 and higher.

The Harabec Castle gate faces north, connected to Main Street, enters south into a Grand Hallway. The Grand Hallway is shaped like a hollow square with a cross inside of it. At the center of the cross is the Grand Foyer. King Housmeld sits on a throne in the Throne Room south of the Grand Hallway past the Royal Presentment.
The hall leading east from the Grand Hallway enters the Castle Barracks where Harabec soldiers and officals reside. The barracks is a hollow rectangular shape with a corridor that strikes from the middle of the northern side through the south side. There are offices and quarters all around here. AT the southernmost part of the barracks is the General's Office and Sleeping Quarters.
West of the Grand Hallway leads into a small corridor that also loops around a large square Courtyard with a fountain at its midst. The small corridor also has a corridor that goes west, twists around to the entrance of the Harabec Dungeon. A Dungeon Key is required. to enter the dungeon.
A Grand Staircase ascends to the lookout tower, this staircase is located before reaching the throne room of King Housmeld. There are three levels including the lookout tower. Walking down the staircase from the ground level leads to a locked door into the Abandoned Tomb which requires a Curio Key and is level-locked to 20 minimum.
AScension from the Grand Hallway enters into a Picturesque Hallway. This hallway is shaped the same as the Grand Hallway. The west wing enters into an Elegant Hallway that runs west then bends straight south into a master bedroom. Along its length are guest rooms. The eastern hall from the Picturesque Hallway is to a ballroom surrounded by more of the Picturesque Hallway.
Ascent into the third level from the Picturesque Hallway is into a Peculiar Hallway shaped the same as the other two main hallways underneath it. Going up once more enters into a lookout tower where a glorious view of lands surrounding Harabec may be observed.

Points of Interest

Taverns Banks Arenas

Both Servers:

  • Broken Arm Tavern

Both Servers:

  • Arthur's Gambling Hall Bank
  • Harabec Bank

Both Servers:

  • City Training Grounds
Shops Guilds Other

Both Servers:

1-alt Server:

1-alt Server:

Both Servers:

  • Arthur's Gambling Hall
  • Castle Chapel
  • Courtyard Fountain
  • Community Farm
  • Elder's Home
  • Guard Room
  • Harabec Church
  • Kitchen
  • Strawberry Inn

1-alt Server:

  • Airborne Cruiseliner
  • Banquette
  • Scrapyard


The Broken Arm Tavern is located northeast of the Main - Cedar intersection, entered from Cedar Street.


The Bank of Harabec is northwest of the Main - Cedar intersection.
Arthur's Gambiling Hall Bank is to the north inside of Arthur's Gambling Hall and to every gambler's delight.


The City Training Grounds can be found on the west side of Main STreet between Cedar and Stellen street. The arenas are slightly different between servers. On the multi-alt server, only two arenas exist but on the 1-alt server three exist. Both servers provide the same monsters except on the multi-alt server, Bandits are summoned but on the 1-alt server Captured Bandits are summoned. On the 1-alt server also, guilds are found in the proximity.


The shops that exist on both servers are mostly found on either side of Cedar Street. Martha's Bakery is found on the east side of northern Baden street.
On the 1-alt server, the Scrapyard Workshop is found inside of the Scrapyard.


On the 1-alt server, there are five guilds, all of which are for characters of level 25 to 27. The Berserkers and Fighters guild are located at the City Training Grounds on the west side of Main Street. Crossing the Main street to the opposite side, the eastern side, leads to where the guilds for Clerics, Mages, and Paladins are located.


AT the southern end of Baden street and to the west is Arthur's Gambling Hall.
On the ground level within the castle on the western side in the small corridor that surrounds the courtyard is the Castle Chapel. On the multi-alt server, this serves as a point of entry into the Royal Tomb which requires the true seal of Harabec, made up of the left and right fragments of the seal of Harabec. With these to items in possession may brave souls open the door south inside the chapel into the tomb of royal bloodline.
At the center of the courtyard is a healing fountain which replenishes fully health and mana as well as cleansing of any ailments.
The Harabec Community Farm is located on the south side of Cobble street.
A house on the south side of eastern Cedar street is the Elder's Home belonging to an old man called Sir Contril. Talise's Journal, the journal of his very son, is needed to be welcomed into his house.
A door on the northern side of the small coridor near the Grand Hallway which requires a key, the Guard Room Key. This key can be found inside the Elder's Home.
Near the Western Gate of Harabec and on the south side of Stellen street is the Harabec church, a Pastor resides there doing services for the citizens of Harabec. A graveyard lies west of the church.
To the north of where the courtyard is within the castle, the northern side of the small corridor, is the Kitchen where feasts are to be had especially with refreshing at the fountain.
Also on the southern end of Baden street and to the east is the Strawberry Inn for the sweet tooth. The entry fee is 100 gold.

On the 1-alt server, hovering above the Great River and at the southern side of the Stone Bridge is an Airborne Cruiseliner. The airship, by marvel of engineering with steampower, takes its passengers to Silversail. The cost of the ticket to board the airship is 5,000 gold. Upon boarding, the passenger may go to Silversail after passing the time. After pressing the button to pass the time, the character arrives at a Fishing Pier in the port of Silversail.
On the 1-alt server, a banquette is found up against the eastern stone wall of the city south of the stone bridge immediately east from the Eastern Gate. The platform is used to access a small rowing boat docked here. This small rowing boat is on the Great River, is only accessible when an Oar is in possession. Once inside the boat, the boat can be cast off and the boat goes southwards to Elmshire.
On the 1-alt server, a Harabec Guard stands guard at the entrance to the Scrapyard requiring ten thousand gold to enter. The entrance is located on the north side of Cobble street. The scrapyard is for crafting all things metallic.


Both Servers 1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses
City Training Grounds

Both Servers:

Multi-alt Server:

1-alt Server:

Both Servers:


On the 1-alt server, the Enchanted Sword is located in the General's Sleeping Quarters. Upon sparring it, by hitting it, does the sword give a million experience points. General Kashtil's key is needed to access the General's Sleeping Quarters.


On the multi-alt server, Bandits spawn in the City Training Ground but on the 1-alt server Captured Bandits spawn instead of Bandits due to the fact that Bandits on the 1-alt server have robbed items from the citizens of Harabec. These stolen items can be exchanged for Services to Harabec Coins and thus the Captured Bandits do not drop anything at all since they are captured and stripped of any items they have stolen; the Captured Bandits are prisoners that are used as target practice.


Adel has locked himself in a room within the Castle Barracks, at the east side. A Taspen Key is required to enter the room he has locked himself into.


Both Servers
Item Locations
Glowing Orb Search in the Guard Room.
Guard Room Key Search in the Elder's Home.
1-alt Server
Item Locations
Metal Casting Mold /Examine in the Scrapyard Workshop.


There is nothing else to note about this city.